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What people say about Dan Mason's training

  • Learning from Dan was such an eye-opener. He taught me how to uncover the secrets of the online world - the tools have been invaluable to me since. He has a wealth of knowledge of journalism and multimedia, as well as the patience to teach it
    Jessica Lim, The Straits Times, Singapore
  • It is unimaginable how much I learnt from Dan in one week - his training speed and style makes learning fun. The best thing is that he has followed up on my career growth, referring me for higher courses and offering more offline training
    Ogala Emmanuel, Journalist & Trainer, Lagos
  • Dan has all the attributes of a great trainer and consultant. He has expert knowledge of computer software and hardware; he is clear and confidant in his teaching methods; he has enormous patience and a great work ethic
    Hashmat Moslih, Senior Producer, Al Jazeera TV
  • For a journalist coming from the developing world, Dan offered me ground breaking solutions on how to write for the online audience, set up a blog and use twitter. Today, I can say that I meet the standards of a 21st Century journalist of because of Dan
    Mabvuto Banda, Journalist, Malawi
  • After Dan’s workshop, I started playing a greater role in shaping my stories and adding interactive content for the newspaper’s website. I don't exaggerate when describing Dan’s immeasurable guidance as making journalism a lot easier and more interesting
    Raed Omari, Political Reporter, The Jordan Times
  • I have attended several workshops on social media with NGOs in Sudan, but Dan's course was the best. I learnt many new things from him, such as how to create a blog, search for information in Google, fix photos and share information with Google Docs
    Zeinab Mohammed Salih, Journalist, Sudan
  • I can say it was one the best courses I have attended - it added lots of new information for me as a journalist and it made my daily work much easier and faster. What I could finish in one hour before Dan's training, I can now do in 10 minutes
    Dana Asaad, Editor-in-Chief, Awene, Kurdistan
  • Dan taught technology while enforcing the fundamental craft of journalism. He showed me there is still relevance in telling "the story". As a result, I have embarked on a journey with more confidence, integrity and awareness of my social responsibility
    Ruth Moïsa Alleyne, Journalist, Barbados
  • Dan is great at explaining his methods and demonstrating them with practical exercises, where he incorporates team player qualities and gives individual attention where necessary. His workshops leave an indelible mark on his participants!
    Kadisha Munroe, Producer, First Up Caribbean
  • Dan is extremely organized, reliable and able to follow through to ensure that the training is done in perfect manner. He is by far the most efficient trainer I have ever worked with, and I have never met another trainer with more dedication to his trainees
    Said Boukheffa, Journalist, Al Jazeera
  • In a week, Dan taught us what others failed to in four years at journalism school. His simple, creative, thoughtful ideas helped us understand how new technology and social media could be the starting point of news stories in the new era of digital journalism
    Alsanosi Ahmed , LA Times, Khartoum
  • I believe Dan Mason is an excellent trainer. During the six weeks of training, I discovered his rare passion for training and commitment to impact his unique experience and knowledge to Journalists at all levels of their careers.
    Kwaku Owusu Peprah, Joy FM, Ghana
  • Dan identified the strengths and weaknesses of individual participants and patiently guided us through the course. For his professional approach, the class ceremoniously honoured him the local title of Otunba meaning the King’s Right Hand
    Atom Lim , Journalist, Nigeria
  • What a memorable and enriching experience it was for me thanks to Dan Mason, who made it all look so easy. His teaching skills, broad knowledge of journalism and his exceptional knowledge of the internet make him one of the best media trainers
    Joseph Jibueze, The Nation, Lagos
  • Thanks to Dan, I have improved greatly in my work as a journalist with all the great tips he shared on photography, video editing, creating a blog and so much more. I would recommend Dan as a trainer for similar sessions so that a lot more journalists can benefit
    Shabna Ullah, Journalist, Guyana
  • Dan successfully combines digital know-how with the fundamental journalistic values and audience expertise. I recommend Dan Mason as a go-to man for anyone hoping to target digital audiences and make an enduring and effective impact
    Katherine Toumbourou, Editor, Cyprus